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Gain Self Awareness, Serenity, & Support

Why Choose To Work With Us?

Our clinic offers a unique and comprehensive ibogaine treatment program tailored to support your journey to recovery in three steps: 


Personalized Pre-Treatment Preparation
We begin with four weeks of tailored preparation, helping you get mentally and emotionally ready for the transformative experience of ibogaine treatment.


Accompanied Treatment in Mexico
I personally accompany you to Mexico, ensuring continuous care and support throughout the treatment phase, enhancing safety and effectiveness.


Post-Treatment Integration Support
Upon returning, we engage in four weeks of integration support to help you apply the insights and changes from the treatment into your everyday life, focusing on sustaining your new, healthier lifestyle.


Comprehensive, Continuous Care
Our approach covers every aspect of your treatment—from preparation to integration—ensuring a smooth and supportive recovery process.

Choose our clinic for a treatment experience that prioritizes your well-being and provides continuous, personalized support.

Your Path to Wholeness Awaits

Perhaps you've longed for a fully healed self but felt it was out of reach, burdened by shame and uncertainty. What if we told you that the path to your healed self is just one step away? 

Healing for Generations

 We (my mentorship team and I) unlock the clarity you need to break free from ancestral suffering, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come. We don't just mitigate risks; we amplify transformation.

Honoring Indigenous Wisdom

We deeply honor the iboga plant, a gift from Central West Africa's indigenous peoples. Our experiences guide you through every transformation phase, aligning spiritual growth with lasting change.

Embrace a Way of Life

Your healing radiates outward, impacting the world. A whole self in wellness serves interconnectedness. We provide tools and integrative practices, empowering you to rediscover your true essence, vitality, and enduring wellness.

Ready to embark on your inner quest?
Join us and begin your transformative journey today!

Step into a World of Healing and Growth

At Zahra Adloo Therapy, we're more than just practitioners and therapists – we're your dedicated partners on a transformative journey. Our core values include anti-racism, non-judgment, and harm reduction, creating a safe space for your personal evolution.

Discover Your True Self

Within you, there's a version overflowing with hope, guiding you gently forward. There's a you that transcends the chains of addiction, fear, and ancestral burdens. With centuries of wisdom from ancient civilizations, we understand that trauma, pain, and addiction are part of the human journey.

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