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Lesson One: Accepting and Surrendering to the Iboga Spirit

Student's Perspective

Today's lesson was an eye-opening experience, one that has left me profoundly changed. It was a lesson in humility, surrender, and acceptance—the core principles of working with the iboga deity. In this training, we are learning not just to administer a powerful plant medicine but to forge a deep spiritual connection with it, to let it guide us in our journey through life.

The key lesson I grasped today was the importance of accepting and surrendering to the energy of the iboga deity. We must recognize that we are not in control here; instead, we are here to become conduits for the wisdom and healing power of this ancient plant medicine. It is a humbling realization that the plant holds knowledge far beyond what we can access in our conscious awareness.

Our goal is to become one with the iboga spirit, allowing it to move through us and guide us. In this state of oneness, we tap into a frequency that aligns with the plant's wisdom. This alignment is not something that happens overnight; it requires us to do our own individual inner work, addressing our own limitations and blockages.

Once we have truly merged with the iboga spirit, we discover an incredible source of knowledge within ourselves. We realize that we can facilitate treatments for others without the need for a rigid medical model. While having a medical understanding is helpful, the true power comes from the surrender and connection to the plant spirit. Doubts that may plague a new practitioner start to dissipate as you embrace the iboga spirit within you.

One thing we must always remember is that Iboga is a protective and guiding force. No matter the circumstances, it will shield and lead us. We can rest assured that we will never be unprepared, as long as we are open to the spirit's presence and guidance.

In our journey with iboga, we strive to find synergy with its spirit. This synergy is a harmonious alignment of our intentions, energy, and the wisdom of the plant. It is in this synergy that we discover our true purpose in working with this sacred medicine.

In the coming lessons, we will delve deeper into the practical aspects of working with iboga. But for now, let us absorb the profound wisdom of this first lesson: to accept, surrender, and become one with the iboga spirit.


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