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Booking Your Session

We have updated our intake, pre-treatment, and post-treatment procedures. Please review the following directions carefully to ensure your session is booked correctly.

Travel Logistics


Medical Requirements:

- All necessary medical evaluations and screenings should be completed before your session.

- We provide recommendations for pre-treatment supplementation.

- Accompanying friends or family are not allowed at the treatment house during or a few days post-treatment.


- We prioritize client needs; however, we can suggest accommodations for companions who provide post-treatment support.

What to bring

Clothing and Essentials: 

- San Miguel De Allende has a mild climate with cool nights and warm days due to its altitude of 6000 feet. Pack comfortable clothing, including jeans, sweaters, and sneakers, along with sunglasses, sandals, and a bathing suit.



- All meals are provided, focusing on whole foods and local produce. Please inform us in advance of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Additional Travel Tips


- As of January 2007, all US citizens need a passport to return from Mexico by air. Apply for or renew your passport well in advance. Visit [U.S. Passport Service Guide]( for more details.


Health and Safety:

- Comprehensive medical screening, including EKG and liver panel tests, are mandatory.

- Special considerations apply to individuals aged 60 and over and those with pre-existing health conditions.


- Please provide your flight information as soon as your booking is confirmed.

- It’s most convenient to book direct flights from Dallas via American Airlines to Leon Guanajuato (BJX). Consider checking Volaris Air for direct flight options.

Emergency Contact and Health Information

In preparation for your treatment, please provide a detailed medical history and mental health assessment. This information is critical to ensure your safety and customize your treatment plan. Honesty in reporting all health information is crucial to avoid serious complications.


For any further inquiries or special arrangements, contact me directly at



Thank you for choosing us for your journey towards healing. We are committed to ensuring a safe and transformative experience for all our guests.

Arriving in San Miguel De Allende

Flights: We recommend flying into Leon, Guanajuato (BJX) from Dallas (DFW). For ease of travel, we advise against transiting through Mexico City if you are unfamiliar with navigating it.


Transportation: Upon arrival, you have the option to take a cab or book a shuttle for the best deal at


Contact numbers: MEX +52-415-152-1999, US +102-609-9905


Address: San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato MX 37790 CP

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