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Guiding you to your authentic truth.

Holistic transformation through personalized integration, fostering comfort and growth. Experience a unique journey with us, where we blend therapeutic modalities, care, and familial warmth.

Experience profound transformation

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards discovering profound meaning and purpose in your life? I'm Zahra Adloo, a seasoned psychotherapist with a deep commitment to guiding individuals like you on this remarkable path.

Ibogaine for Depression

Empowerment through Iboga

Does addiction control your life? Are you struggling with mental health challenges? Feeling disconnected and burdened by ancestral suffering? Our program offers holistic Iboga-based solutions, unlocking true potential for enduring wellness. Discover freedom from the chains of addiction with our proven Iboga-based recovery program.

Ibogaine for Addiction
Ibogaine for Spirtuality

Holistic transformation through personalized integration

Experience a unique journey at transformation, where we blend modalities, care, and familial warmth.


Nurture your journey with us, where we prioritize your mental, physical, and spiritual harmony.

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